A Running List of Studies and Reports on the Generation Z Workforce

Everything you need to know about Gen Z in the workplace, all in one article.

Millennials are currently the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, but it’s Generation Z that will be filling internships and entry-level roles for years to come. With the oldest members of Generation Z now entering the workforce, it’s essential for companies to understand how their youngest employees will operate in the workforce.


What better way to understand Generation Z than by staying up-to-date on the latest research on Generation Z workplace preferences, habits, and predictions? We’ve rounded up the top studies, surveys, and reports on Generation Z at work to help you prepare for the new generation of entry-level employees. Be sure to bookmark this page – we’ll continuously add the latest and greatest studies as time goes on.


A Comprehensive List of Studies, Surveys, and Reports on the Growing Generation Z Workforce


RippleMatch: The Gen Z Job Seeker

Synopsis: RippleMatch surveyed more than 1,000 juniors and seniors from 235 schools about the challenges they’re facing in the job search, their views on remote work vs. relocation, what they’re looking for in an offer, and how COVID-19 and recent protests against racial injustice have influenced what they look for in their first job or internship.


RippleMatch: What Generation Z Wants at Work

Synopsis: RippleMatch analyzed tens of thousands of student profiles and discovered how companies can effectively appeal to Gen Z employees. For companies to stand out to Gen Z, they need to heavily emphasize opportunities for professional development and the chance to grow with the company, along with offering an inclusive and collaborative environment.


Pew Research Center: On the Cusp of Adulthood and Facing an Uncertain Future: What We Know About Gen Z So Far

Synopsis: This study by the Pew Research Center emphasizes important demographic trends and points about Generation Z, as they compare to other generations. 


Boston Consulting Group: How Marketers Can Win with Gen Z and Millennials Post-COVID-19

Synopsis: In the wake of COVID-19, Snapchat commissioned BCG to undertake a study of how Gen Z’s behaviors and spending are changing, which of these changes are likely to stick, and how marketers can most effectively capture the opportunities that these shifts create. They surveyed more than 9,500 consumers of ages 16 and above across the US, Canada, the UK, and France on their behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic and their expected behaviors in the longer term. 


Adobe: Who is Gen Create?

Synopsis: Adobe partnered with The Harris Poll and surveyed 5,488 total respondents across 5 countries: the US, UK, Japan, Germany and Australia. They asked all generations about the activities, behaviors and conditions that help them achieve peak creativity and got to see how Gen Create is unique.


E&Y: How Contradictions Define Generation Z

Synopsis: Ernst & Young LLP surveyed a representative sample of 2,054 US teens and young adults aged 12 to 22, to study how their environment and the state of the world has impacted the generation.


Deloitte: Millennial Survey 2020

Synopsis: The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2020 explores the views of more than 27.5K millennials and Gen Zs, both before and after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, to understand their perspectives on business, government, climate, and the pandemic, among other issues.


Facebook: Getting To Know the ‘Me is We’ Generation

Synopsis: In this article, Facebook focuses on Gen Z members age 18–24—those with the most direct spending power—and looks at how to effectively connect with this group by embracing its values around inclusivity, curiosity, reciprocity and global unity.


Zapier: Misunderstood Generations – What Millennials and Gen Z Actually Think About Work

Synopsis: This study commissioned by Zapier looks at how Millennials and Gen Z operate in the workforce, including how long they plan to stay with a company, their relationship with technology, and how often they talk politics in the office.


Snap, Inc: Into Z Future – Understanding the Next Generation of Super Creatives

Synopsis:  Companies that hire creatives will want to read this report by Snap, Inc., the parent company of Gen Z-favorite Snapchat. The report analyzes the inherent creativity of this generation, both as employees and consumers, and provides original data on their habits, media consumption, and goals.


Dell Technologies: The Gen Z Effect

Synopsis: Dell Technologies surveyed 12,000 Gen Z secondary and post-secondary students. Results show they’re confident about their tech skills but unsure about their readiness for the workforce. Senior professionals worry they’ll be outpaced by Gen Z.


LinkedIn: Gen Z is Shaping a New Era of Learning

Synopsis: A survey that assessed trends in learning and identify any gaps in what influences Gen Z to learn and stay engaged versus what L&D and HR leaders think they want.


HackerRank:  Women In Tech Report – Emergence of Gen Z

Synopsis: HackerRank surveyed more than 12,000 developers who identify as women and found eye-opening insights about Gen Z women in the tech space, covering everything from their skillsets, motivations, and job interests.


Workforce Institute at Kronos: Meet Gen Z

Synopsis: This expansive report surveyed 3,000 Gen Z’ers globally and uncovered some interesting information on how Gen Z views their place in the working world. Gen Z views themselves as one of the hardest working generations and place an emphasis on flexible work arrangements.

Glassdoor:  The Next Generation of Talent: Where Gen Z Wants to Work

Synopsis: Leveraging job application data and company reviews, Glassdoor analyzes which companies Gen Z wants to work at, as well as how their values compare to millennial job seekers.


Yello: Yello’s 2019 Recruiting Study

Synopsis:  This 2019 study compares the job seeking habits of Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X all in one place. Some of the topics covered include the importance of face-to-face communication in the hiring process, the value of recruiters throughout the process, and the importance of up-to-date technology.


Mind Share Partners: Mental Health at Work

Synopsis: While this report covers mental health at work across generations, it reveals interesting information on how mental health plays into Gen Z at work. The study found that 75% of Gen Z respondents have left a job due to mental health reasons, and 86% of all respondents said that a company should cultivate a culture that is supportive of mental health.


APPrise Mobile: Workplace Managers Anticipate Big Challenges as Generation Z Enters the Workplace

Synopsis: More than a third of managers believe that Gen Z will be more difficult to manage than older generations while many also anticipate communication and culture issues.


Deloitte:  Generation Z Enters the Workforce

Synopsis: A report on the generational and technological challenges in entry-level jobs.

Wall Street Journal: Gen Z is coming to your office. Get ready to adapt.

Synopsis: In this deep dive on Generation Z, the Wall Street Journal uses anecdotal research and aggregated studies to shed some light on the incoming Gen Z workforce.


Monster: Move Over, Millennials: Gen Z is About to Enter the Workforce

Synopsis: Monster, together with global research firm TNS, surveyed more than 2,000 people, across generations, to figure out what it takes to attract Generation Z employees and how Generation Z is redefining workplace expectations.


Accenture:  Gen Z Rising

Synopsis: Accenture’s report on Gen Z finds that new grads hold traditional work values with a digital spin, and want an engaging employee experience that takes full advantage of their degree, including the digital skills they bring to the table.


Dynamic Signal: Gen Z In the Workplace

Synopsis: Dynamic Signal surveyed around 225 Gen Z’ers about their expectations surrounding their employers and the workplace in general. While the survey covers topics like workplace motivations, it also asked Gen Z about their experience with office technology, such as productivity tools, collaboration tools, and business intelligence tools.


Door of Clubs: What 5,000 Gen Z’ers Tell Us About the Future of Work

Synopsis: Door of Clubs’ survey of 5,000 Gen Z’ers reveals what this generation expects from their employer.


Indeed: What Jobs Are Winning the Interest of the Next Generation to Enter the Workforce?

Synopsis:Indeed looked at which jobs on their platform were most popular with Gen Z compared to other generations.


GfK Consumer Life: How Gen Z Feels About Being Always Reachable By Technology

Are Gen Z employees OK with non-stop Slack messages? A survey from GfK Consumer Life surveyed a multi-generational group of 1,500 people about their relationship with always-on technology, and found that Gen Z is less comfortable with always-on technology compared to Millennials.


Comparably: Comparing Compensation and Culture Between Old Millennials, Young Millennials, and Gen Z

Synopsis: Using the data on its platform, Comparably highlights the difference in compensation and culture preferences between three distinct age groups.


Gartner: 40% of Gen Z Employees Regret Accepting a Job Offers

Synopsis:  A survey of the oldest members of Gen Z found that many members of this generation are already starting their career off on the wrong foot. 40% of survey respondents said they regretted accepting a job offer, and 51% don’t see a long-term future at their organization. The survey also uncovered the importance of professional development and workplace flexibility to Gen Z.


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