Gabriela Julia
Gabriela Julia
February 18, 2020
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10 Careers To Consider If You Love Working With People

People-centric career ideas for a wide range of majors.

10 Careers To Consider If You Love Working With People

If you love working with people, your ideal work day most likely consists of networking events, one-on-one sessions with a client, collaborating on projects, or surveying a crowd for market research. You feel most comfortable at a job that lets you strengthen current relationships while also introducing you to new faces. These people-centric spaces inspire you, but you may be unsure of which industry you want to break into, or which role you want to fill. To help you get a better idea of which job fits your personality, we’ve rounded up 10 options for a wide range of majors that can kickstart your meaningful career.


Product Manager

National average entry-level salary: $96,012 according to Glassdoor.

Good-fit majors: Computer Science, Engineering, Design, IT


Not everyone with a technical background wants to be behind the scenes developing a product. If you feel like you’d thrive in an environment with more face-to-face interaction – instead of face-to-computer interaction – you should consider stepping into the role of a product manager. Your role would be to set the course for which products the engineering team would build, and then bring those directives to life. As a product manager, you will work across teams such as engineering, design, marketing, and sales, in addition to interacting with clients or users to gather feedback. This makes great communication and interpersonal skills a must alongside strong technical knowledge.


Legislative Assistant

National average salary: $43,644 according to ZipRecruiter.

Good-fit majors: Political Science, Communications, History, English


Any job in the political field requires rhetorical skills and listening skills in order to communicate specific goals and strategies that will impact large groups of people. The role of a legislative assistant is a great position for someone entering into the field, yet still looking for that person-centered interaction. Your duties would require you to assist lawmakers by conducting research and surveys, and then compiling results that can be easily communicated to other officials. Administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments, supervising interns, and attending meetings are also essential to the job.


Financial Advisor

Good-fit majors: Economics, Business, Finance, Mathematics

National average salary: $52,334 according to Glassdoor.


A financial advisor’s role is completely based on effectively communicating the complex world of money management. Every day, your job would be to speak to clients about their income, expenses, taxes, insurance coverage, and the need to develop a specific financial plan. And since money is a confidential matter, it’s important to build relationships that not only strengthen your connection with current clients, but also help you grow your network and obtain new clients by word-of-mouth.


Environmental Engineer

National average entry-level salary: $58,166 according to Glassdoor.

Good-fit majors: Engineering, Environmental Science, Geology, Urban Planning


If your strengths include persuasive speaking, organizing data, and conducting extensive research, environmental engineering may be the perfect role for you. This job would require you to develop relationships with lawyers, technicians, and city planners to support sustainable efforts. Your knowledge of public health, waste disposal, and CO2 emissions will help you regulate environmental projects and communicate your concerns with government officials who can put your ideas into effect.


Occupational Therapist

National average salary: $75,816 according to Glassdoor.

Good-fit majors: Biology, Exercise/Health Science, Psychology


A job that brings you closer to other people means you’re more likely to become invested in their success. Occupational therapists take patients under their wings as they help them improve everyday activities due to injuries or disabilities. This role would require you to develop a connection with patients that makes them feel comfortable opening up about their medical history, while also demonstrating exercises and how to use certain equipment that will boost mobility.


Public Relations Specialist

National average entry-level salary: $52,280 according to Glassdoor.

Good-fit majors: Public Relations, Communications, Journalism, Marketing, Advertising

As a communication major, speaking to people face-to-face is an integral part of any job in the field – especially a public relations (PR) specialist. A job in PR means your number one goal is to communicate to media outlets on behalf of a person or organization. You may be selling a product, or your job can be solely focused on helping someone maintain a certain image. The majority of your time will be spent contacting media officials, arranging interviews, creating press kits, and of course, growing your far-reaching network.


Sales Representative

National average entry-level salary: $67,029 according to Glassdoor.

Good-fit majors: Business, Communications, Psychology, Finance

A job as a sales representative requires you to have outstanding communication skills as you go out and sell your company’s product to other people or businesses, either through email, phone, or in-person. You have to be friendly enough to develop a close network of potential customers, yet confident enough to make sure these customers truly believe in everything you’re selling. And when you’re not trying to sell a product or service, you’re surveying customers to gather more information on their interests and problem areas. You’ll then communicate your findings with your team and assist them as they head back to the drawing board.


School Teacher or Administrator

National average entry-level salary: $42,579 according to Glassdoor.

Good-fit majors: Education, Liberal Arts, Psychology, History, English, Mathematics, Biology

Everyone knows that teachers have a huge influence on their students’ lives because of how much time they spend developing connections inside the classroom. Whether you’re teaching children under 10, or high school students in their teens, you’re responsible for preparing lectures and creating a safe environment where everyone feels inspired to learn. And the job doesn’t stop once the papers are graded. Your love for working with people will really come into play when you get closer to your students to create a lesson plan that will bring out their best assets. After spending some time as a teacher, you might consider a role as an administrator where most of your day-to-day interactions involve working with other professionals and not as many children and teenagers.



National average entry-level salary: $77,368 according to Glassdoor.

Good-fit majors: Economics, Finance, Psychology, Political Science, Communications


The role of a consultant is pretty general, which is great for people who haven’t settled on going into a particular field. Your entire job would consist of providing advice to people and pulling from your expertise on a specific niche. This strategic advice would help a person or company get their business from point A to point B, with detailed instructions and ongoing coaching. You could be a financial consultant, human resources consultant, sales consultant, IT consultant, and the list goes on. The desire to work with people is important because you have to build a strong relationship with clients internally, while also building your clientele by attending industry events and networking conferences.


Social Worker

National average entry-level salary: $49,450 according to Glassdoor.

Good-fit majors: Psychology, Sociology, Education

A social worker is tasked with having deep conversations that extend far past typical business talk. Instead of meeting with clients to discuss a financial plan or the launch of a product, your job as a social worker would require you to empathize with people who’ve struggled with abuse, neglect, or have a mental illness. You’d be tasked with having long, private conversations with clients in order to properly assess their living situation and make comprehensive decisions based on their needs. And while the majority of your day would be spent talking to people directly, you must also have the ability to stay calm during stressful situations.



Your passion for working with people should never be an afterthought when you’re trying to find your dream job. Most industries are looking for candidates with great communication skills and welcoming personalities, so it’s up to you to figure out how you can combine those skills with your other interests to find your ideal career.

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