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The most efficient and cost-effective way to make a difference on DE&I. Engage underrepresented talent at 1600+ schools and 180+ HBCUs and HSIs with a single partnership. Optimize conversions for diverse talent in your hiring funnel.


Travel is expensive, and you can’t be everywhere. Engage the right candidates at 1600+ universities without leaving your desk.


Easily discover which recruiting strategies are leading to the best and worst ROI. Make sure your lean budget & team is having the biggest impact possible.


Make employer brand your competitive advantage. Craft a reputation that attracts the right talent. Ensure every candidate who could be a fit learns about your organization.


Maximize the ROI for every recruiting event you host or participate in. Capture candidate information, optimize conversions from RSVPs to hires, and make data-driven decisions.


Never ghost a candidate again. Move candidates through your hiring process quickly and craft a standout experience for all applicants. Stay in touch with your silver medalists.

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Cindy Loggins

Global Head of University Recruiting

eBay reduces applicant review time by 75%

Cindy uses RippleMatch to reduce applicant review time, engage diverse talent nationwide, build eBay’s employer brand, and gain critical insights into her top of funnel.

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Jamie Anderson

Director of Talent Pipeline Programs

NFI industries shortens their hiring process
to 7-10 days

Jamie uses RippleMatch to attract the right early career candidates, diversify their talent pool, sort through applicant volume, and save her team time.

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Ebonee Bradley

University Recruiter

Quantcast virtually engages underrepresented talent at 1600+ schools

Ebonee uses RippleMatch to diversify talent pipelines, expand her reach, speed up applicant review, and expand what’s possible for a one-woman team.

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Access a diverse talent network




HBCUs and



Realé Snorton

“RippleMatch allowed us to bring in the most diverse fellowship classes we have ever had.”

Recruitment Manager

Ebonee Bradley

"With one click of a button, I can get tons of great candidates from underrepresented groups."

University Recruiter

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Cindy Loggins

Global Head of University Recruiting & Programs

"Centralizing everything on RippleMatch reduced our overall applicant review time by 70%."

Ebonee Bradley

University Recruiter

"With one click of a button, I can get tons of great candidates from underrepresented groups."