Build Your Talent Pipeline of Tomorrow

Convert prospects into hires and automatically nurture future talent pipelines with RippleMatch Communities.


Convert Prospects Into Hires

Our candidate relationship management solution works seamlessly with our AI-powered, all-in-one hiring platform. Candidates who apply to your roles and RSVP to your events are automatically sorted into the right talent pipelines so you can automate outreach and nurture campaigns to qualified talent.

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Unify your candidate data & experience in one workspace. Automatically sort the talent from your events and roles into pipelines and nurture them with automated multi-step email campaigns.

🔄 Seamless data uploads so you can ditch your spreadsheets
 📂 Instant data transfer from your roles & events


Never Start Your Season at Zero

Make the most of your talent pipeline with thoughtful touch-points tailored to the candidates’ background, interests, and interactions with your company.

 🧩 Automatic segmentation based on candidate profile
🚀 Scalable outreach with custom, multi-step email campaigns

Determine Talent Pools Gaps

See the state of your talent pool today, identify gaps that may hinder your DE&I goals, and make an impact for the future.

💬 Easily communicate with diverse prospects in your talent pool
🏗️ Build pipelines of underrepresented talent automatically

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