The Data You Need to Optimize Your Strategy

Gain full visibility into your recruiting funnel and the outcomes of every program and source — from applicants to hires. Get actionable insights on trends throughout your hiring process.

Understand Your Applicant Funnel Better Than Ever Before

Optimize Your DEI Efforts

Identify where underrepresented talent drops out of your funnel, where you are connecting with qualified diverse talent, and which of your strategies are leading to success.

✅ Self-reported data only for all our DEI Analytics
📊 96% self-identification in our candidate base

Uncover the Strategies That Truly Work

Determine which applicant sources drive hires, which events are successful, and where your talent brand is resonating the most. Leave spreadsheets and manual reporting behind, and gain insight into which of your strategies are really paying off.

🔍 Compare hiring channels in terms of apps, hires, and diversity
📏 Measure the outcomes of every role and event

Get Full Visibility Into Your Hiring Funnel

See how candidates convert through your talent funnel and measure progress towards your hiring and DEI goals in real-time.

🧩 Identify where you are losing diverse talent
⚖️ Compare drop-off across roles and hiring channels

"Prior to RippleMatch, I had a huge challenge understanding my top of funnel. We spent a lot of time, energy, and money, but I didn't have visibility."

Cindy Loggins, Global Head of University Recruiting and Programs at eBay

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