Find Your Best Applicants. Fast.

Use AI to effortlessly find and hire the best candidates in your applicant pool.

Less reading resumes, more building relationships with your future hires.

Operate efficiently with AI

Our AI automatically identifies qualified talent in your pipeline, radically reducing the total time spent on application review so your team can focus on winning the best talent for you.

⏳70% less time spent on app review

Hire faster than ever

Accelerate your hiring and provide a magical candidate experience with exceptionally fast response times. RippleMatch makes it easy to respond to qualified inbound candidates quickly so you can accelerate start dates and compete for the best talent on the market today.

⚡️Respond 2 weeks faster than the industry average

Never miss top talent

With overwhelming applicant volume and manual review processes, most recruiting teams miss 50% of the qualified talent in their funnel. RippleMatch makes it easy to identify and engage the top fits in your inbound pool so you can be confident you're hiring the best of the best.

🏆 Identify 100% of the top talent in your pipeline

Seamlessly Integrate with your Applicant Tracking System

Transfer information from RippleMatch to most major applicant tracking systems. Maintaining a single source of truth for candidate data and reporting purposes.




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