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Our Latest AI Innovation: AI Chat Filtering
May 29, 2024
Filter for Candidates easily using natural language prompts

Recruiting top talent is complex, but it doesn’t have to be time-consuming or cumbersome. With RippleMatch, you instantly find the best candidates in your pipeline and automatically source the talent you're missing. This means you spend 70% less time on resume reviews and manual sourcing, allowing you to focus on engaging with high-quality candidates and improving your recruitment results.

Tips from a DEI Leader: Resources to Educate and Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr Day in the Workplace
Jan 11, 2024

This year, as we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it's essential to recognize the profound impact and enduring legacy of Dr. King in our workplaces. RippleMatch presents a curated list of valuable resources designed to help you and your colleagues meaningfully observe this day that should go beyond simply having a day off. 

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Tips from a DEI Leader: Resources to Educate and Celebrate Transgender Awareness Week in the Workplace
Tammy Hart
At RippleMatch, we stand with the transgender community, recognizing the importance of equal rights, respect, and inclusion for all. This week, we honor the courage and strength of transgender individuals and allies as we continue to break down barriers and work towards a world free of discrimination and prejudice.
Tips From A DEI Leader: Four Ways To Acknowledge Native American Heritage Month in the Workplace
Tammy Hart
November marks the beginning of Native American Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the rich cultural diversity, traditions, and contributions of Native Americans and Indigenous peoples. In the workplace, recognizing this important month not only promotes diversity and inclusion but also fosters a more respectful and harmonious work environment. As the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) leader at RippleMatch, my mission is to foster a workplace culture that celebrates diversity, creating an inclusive environment where all employees can thrive. Here are four meaningful ways to honor Native American Heritage Month in your workplace.
How Talent Leaders Are Balancing AI and Human-Centric Hiring: Key Takeaways From Our NYC Micro-Summit
Kate Beckman
Last Thursday, the RippleMatch team was thrilled to welcome nearly 50 talent acquisition professionals and campus recruitment teams to our NYC office to talk about one of the most pressing topics in today’s landscape: AI and its impact on the human experience in hiring.
Tips From a DEI Expert: 3 Ways to Celebrate Latine and Hispanic Heritage Month at Work
Tammy Hart
As the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) leader at RippleMatch, my mission is to foster a workplace culture that celebrates diversity, creating an inclusive environment where all employees can thrive. Among the vibrant tapestry of cultures at our organization, the Hispanic and Latine community holds a special place, and their unique perspectives contribute significantly to our success. (Note: We have recently started to use the term Latine — as opposed to LatinX — to be more gender inclusive. You can read more about this shift here.)
How You Can Make the Most Out of Your Pipeline in the Mass-Apply Era
Recruiting is tough, and this year will be more challenging than ever. Talent teams have big goals this year, with critical hiring and diversity targets, intense time-pressure, and serious competition for the best candidates. But those big goals aren’t coming with big budgets. In fact, teams today are growing leaner, making it essential to maximize every dollar spent and every hour of a team member’s time.
A Guide to Virtual Recruitment Events: What They Are and How to Approach Them
Looking for a strategic partner to support both your in-person and virtual recruiting events strategies? Check out our buyer's guide for a recruiting events software that will meet all your needs.
Recruiting Events Software: 2023 Buyer’s Guide
In a competitive talent landscape, recruitment events are a great way to engage with candidates, giving them an inside look at your organization, culture, employees, and opportunities to help them make informed decisions about where they might want to work. And by offering some of those events virtually, you open the door to connecting with a much more diverse slate of candidates from varying backgrounds, improving accessibility to your open roles. However, executing impactful recruitment events — both virtually and in-person — can be challenging to navigate, from inviting the right candidates to your events, quickly following up afterwards with applications to keep the momentum going, and pipelining attendees who aren’t great fits for your open roles right now.
Why a Quick Application Response Time Is Essential Today
Kate Beckman
In today’s competitive recruitment landscape, a quick application response time is an indispensable tool for employers looking to attract and retain top talent — especially at the early career level. That’s because Gen Z candidates searching for internship and entry-level roles today expect a quick feedback loop from companies, and prefer to be rejected than ‘ghosted’ during the hiring process.
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