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What is RippleMatch?

A free AI-powered talent agent

RippleMatch is a job search platform for college students that takes the stress out of finding your dream job or internship. On RippleMatch, students can stop writing cover letters and start connecting directly with recruiters.

10x higher chance of getting an interview

Our platform provides students with personalized opportunities that resonate with their interests and match their qualifications, giving students a 10x better chance of getting an interview compared to traditional job boards.

We help democratize access to opportunity

Talent is evenly distributed across the country, but opportunity is not. We help students from every background and school match with the best roles for them, and put them in touch with top employers looking for their skills and profile.

We're the fastest-growing job search platform for college students

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RippleMatch + Career Services: Unlock Opportunities and Insights

RippleMatch transforms the job search by bringing opportunity directly to students and providing a 10x higher chance of landing an interview compared to traditional job boards. Students tell us who they are and what they are looking for, and we will automatically match them with good fit openings that meet the candidate’s qualifications.

On top of being the fastest growing early career recruitment platform for employers, we also run surveys to hundreds of thousands of Gen Z job seekers, multiple times a year, in order to provide our network of talent acquisition and career services professionals with the latest data and insights from the early career job market.

Join our active community and get access to exclusive data reports, webinars, panels and networking events. You’ll hear best practices from your peers and industry leaders, which will give you the insights you need to empower your students for success.

Join Our Growing Community of Career Services Professionals and Talent Leaders

Join our community of career services professionals and early career talent leaders to enhance your support for college students in their job search journey, and to stay on top of the latest data from the Gen Z job search.

Expand Job Opportunities: Receive regular updates on job openings that you can effortlessly share with your student network.

Stay Ahead of Trends: Get exclusive invitations to free data and insights events, where you can stay updated on the latest trends in ever-evolving early career talent market.

Empower Your Students: Receive materials from RippleMatch that are designed to aid your students in navigating their job search and preparing for the job market.

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