Integrate with your ATS

RippleMatch integrates with most major applicant tracking systems so that you can seamlessly transfer information and you maintain a single source of truth for candidate data and reporting purposes.

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Benefits of ATS integrations


After you decide to move forward with a candidate in RippleMatch, their application information is transferred into your ATS.


See where candidates are in your hiring process and easily measure how many interviews, offers, and hires you are completing.


Get visibility into your recruiting funnel and where candidates drop off in the process. Understand which efforts lead to success.

How integrations work

After you decide to move a candidate forward in your hiring process on RippleMatch, the candidate’s application information, including their resume, is passed into your ATS so you can have a single source of truth for convenience and reporting.



RippleMatch meets the highest standards for data security. We undergo SOC2 Type II audits annually and comply with all requirements under GDPR.


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Ebonee Bradley

University Recruiter

"With one click of a button, I can get tons of great candidates from underrepresented groups."

Josh Fialky

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

"It's so important for us to understand and track who we are meeting. The data and analytics RippleMatch provides on diversity and background is invaluable."