RippleMatch Communities

Convert prospects into hires by scaling how you market, recruit, and keep in touch with early-career candidates.

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Why RippleMatch Communities?

Convert prospects into hires

Reach prospects with the right message at the right time. Drive candidates to your events or jobs with email campaigns.

Eliminate spreadsheets

Never let a promising candidate slip through the cracks. Organize everyone you meet into talent communities automatically.

Passively build pipelines

Be set up for success at the start of each hiring season by having pipelines of enagaged, qualified candidates you can invite to apply for your jobs and attend events.

Prevent reneges

Stay top of mind with automated outreach tailored to where candidates are in the funnel — from prospect to accepted offer.

Ready to recruit your future?

Convert prospects
into hires

Turn prospects into hires using email campaigns that communicate the right message, at the right time.


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“Communities enables us to scale our communication efforts with students.”

Hannah Seliskar

Director of Campus Recruiting


Don’t let promising talent slip through the cracks. Track everyone in one place and automatically organize them into pipelines based on qualifications, stage of the hiring funnel, and more.


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Build pipelines passively

Start each season with pipelines of candidates that you can easily invite to attend your events or apply for your open roles.


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Build targeted email campaigns to stay top of mind no matter where candidates live in your funnel.


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Cindy Loggins

Global Head of University Recruiting & Programs

"Centralizing everything on RippleMatch reduced our overall applicant review time by 70%."

Ebonee Bradley

University Recruiter

"With one click of a button, I can get tons of great candidates from underrepresented groups."