Troy LeCaire
Troy LeCaire
Troy is an Account Executive at RippleMatch.
December 02, 2017
2 minute read

The 4 Steps to Interview Success

It’s easy to kind-of prepare for an interview, but really crushing it is something else.

The 4 Steps to Interview Success

1. Research the company like a machine

Know your company: its size, its functions, its goals. Know your job well: expect to understand day-to-day work and how you would contribute to your team. If remembering too much from a couple hours of research seems a lot (and if you have multiple company interviews lined up), create a company folder and make flashcards.

2. Network, network, network

If possible, reach out to friends or alumni who worked and interned at the company. Ask them about their own work experience, and what they were asked during their interviews. Often a company might repeat the same curveball questions – you will have a huge advantage if you know what kinds of behavioral and/or technical questions might be thrown at you.

3. Practice makes perfect

Acing an interview is like acing a final: you wouldn’t walk into the Biology exam unprepared (or, at least, we hope you wouldn’t). If there is a technical aspect to your interview – a case, a structured finance question, or a coding problem, you need to ace them, otherwise the interview is likely over. Study alone to master the fundamentals, then find friends or career services advisors to mock-interview you.

4. Plan ahead

Consider doing a test-run sometime beforehand, to the company office. Know what you will be wearing (no last minute dry-cleaning disasters, please!), travel time to the office, how much caffeine you can handle (or not), and so forth.

Getting any internship or job is a huge deal. Following this plan will give you that extra advantage.

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