Transform the way you hire
RippleMatch removes geographic barriers, increases diversity, and helps you win over the most promising candidates on every college campus.
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Supercharge diversity recruiting
The most selective employers in the world count on our software to drive their diversity recruiting efforts, proactively reaching and engaging underrepresented candidates across the country. 30% of the candidates on RippleMatch identify as underrepresented minorities.
Increase in interview rate
60% of our matches are invited to a first round interview
Choose quality over quantity
We focus our energy on the top 5% of candidates on every campus, and 60% of the candidates we match with a client receive a first round interview.
Build your brand
Our employer branded pages and customized campaigns allow you to tailor your messaging to the groups you care about the most. Our analytics dashboard and brand perception reports help you understand your reputation across different subsets of the college population.
Our Approach
Diversity & Reach
Our software gives you access to the most promising talent on 500+ college campuses and unlocks partnerships with diversity-focused organizations. Whether you’re trying to engage more first generation college students, improve the racial or gender diversity of your team, or expand the number of schools you reach, we have your back.
Advanced Technology
Our intelligent matching algorithm (developed by ex-Facebook engineers) pinpoints your ideal candidates, and our software saves you time by automating all the work that typically goes into sourcing. We use machine learning across millions of interactions combined with rich employer and candidate profiles to ensure you are getting matched with the best candidates possible.
Seamless Integration
We integrate seamlessly into your existing systems regardless of your company size. We provide pipeline analytics, ATS integrations, and can get an entire team up and running in less than an hour.
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