Supercharge Your Recruiting Team
We’ll be your competitive advantage in attracting, evaluating, and hiring the very best early career talent.
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Reach the best candidates
Our software removes the limits imposed by geography and actively markets your opportunity to your best matches across the country.
Increase in interview rate
60% of our matches are invited to a first round interview
Save time
Stop reviewing unqualified applicants and reaching out to candidates who aren’t interested. RippleMatch helps you cut through the noise with industry leading efficiency.
Stand out from the crowd
Our premium branded pages showcase your company’s unique culture and values. Control your voice and narrative, build your brand, and gain the right audience.
Our Approach
We take the time to understand your specific hiring needs and make sure you have a human touch when you need it. Your dedicated customer success manager will be with you every step of the way.
Advanced Technology
Our intelligent matching algorithm pinpoints your ideal candidates. We use machine learning across millions of interactions combined with rich employer and candidate profiles to ensure excellent matches.
Seamless Integration
We integrate seamlessly into your existing systems regardless of your company size. We provide pipeline analytics, ATS integrations, and can get an entire team up and running in less than an hour.