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Case Studies
Learn how other employers have partnered with RippleMatch to build diverse, high performing teams.
A multinational technology company improves representation for women & minorities through a new virtual sourcing channel.
A multinational cosmetics manufacturer competes successfully with top technology employers for diverse technical talent.
A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company automates top-of-funnel sourcing efforts, saving thousands of recruiter hours annually.
A small biotechnology company with a single campus recruiter effectively competes for top talent nationwide.
A multinational cybersecurity company increases representation for women & minorities, while expanding recruiting efforts virtually to hundreds of new campuses.
A growth-stage technology company increases their virtual recruiting reach nationwide and establishes a strong brand with new graduates.
A mid-sized electrical and information infrastructure provider cuts recruiting costs by moving to a 100% virtual college recruitment strategy.
A small insurance provider builds a brand with top college students and reaches hundreds of campuses with a small recruitment team.
A mid-sized non-profit reaches top students across hundreds of campuses and improves representation for women & minorities.
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