Effortless scheduling for fast hiring

Our effortless scheduling platform eliminates back-and-forth, syncs with your calendar, and makes interview coordination easier than ever. Schedule with confidence for every scenario, from virtual phone screens to on-site interview panels.

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Automated & centralized interview scheduling

Centralize & streamline workflows

Seamlessly coordinate interviews - whether it’s advancing candidates to phone screen or meeting in-person at events.

Consolidate tools & cut spend

RippleMatch is an AI-powered hiring platform that automates app review, sourcing, scheduling, and events management - all in one place.

Provide a 🌟 candidate experience

Provide an exceptional candidate experience with a streamlined, efficient process that empowers candidates to select times that work well for them.

Coordinate any type of interview, for anyone

Our scheduler effortlessly accommodates all of your interview scenarios:

  • From virtual to on-site to on-campus
  • One-on-ones, interview panels and interview days
  • With multiple candidates and interviewers at once
  • Across any time-zone 


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Centralized dashboard to track progress

Our centralized dashboard provides you with comprehensive tracking and monitoring capabilities. Keep track of every detail regarding upcoming interviews for your team. With just a few clicks, you can gain an overview of the schedule, the interviewers involved, and the status of each interview.


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Seamless calendar sync

Get real-time sync with all major calendars: Google, Microsoft and Apple. Instantly see best times for everyone, across every timezone.

Automate scheduling & rescheduling

Eliminate back-and-forth and endless calendar checking with our fully-automated scheduler. Share times with ease and allow candidates to self-schedule.

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Cindy Loggins

Global Head of University Recruiting & Programs

"Centralizing everything on RippleMatch reduced our overall applicant review time by 70%."

Ebonee Bradley

University Recruiter

"With one click of a button, I can get tons of great candidates from underrepresented groups."