Events Product Update: Candidate Check-Ins, Mobile Optimization, International Events & Candidates

Learn about the latest updates to RippleMatch’s Events product.

In this Product Update Blog, you’ll learn about the latest updates to RippleMatch’s Events product, which include a smoother in-person candidate check-in experience, optimizations to the mobile experience, better functionalities to accommodate international candidates, and more.

Less clicks, less confusion, and more accuracy for your Candidate Check-Ins and RSVPs

RippleMatch has made the candidate check-in process faster and clearer for students to ensure that you’re getting their information as easily and quickly as possible.

  • If a candidate does not already have an account on RippleMatch, they will only be prompted to share their name, email and resume (which is optional). Once they submit their information, it will confirm that they’ve been checked in with your team, without the potential for them to start filling out an entire account on RippleMatch.

  • We made enhancements to the candidate Event RSVP experience, which will increase both RSVPs and attendance. Candidates can RSVP for events faster than ever before, as they do not need to create an entire RippleMatch account before RSVPing to an event. They will only need to provide basic information so that you are informed and can engage with them.

Optimize your time on campus using any device (computer, tablet, iPad, or phone)

We optimized our mobile experience to make managing your events on campus even easier. With these changes, recruiters can navigate the product efficiently and seamlessly check-in candidates from any device.

  • When logging in to RippleMatch, recruiters will now see a mobile-friendly navigation bar that will enable them to easily get to the Events page and explore event details.
  • Recruiters will now see a mobile-friendly check-in center, which will make checking in candidates quicker and easier; no matter what type of devices your team is using.
  • Seamlessly search for candidates who attended a specific event with the new Event Search Bar. Enter in a candidate’s name or email, and immediately find the candidate who RSVPed or checked-in at your event.

Make sure you are reaching the right candidates in the best ways

Teams can now track and manage candidates who they meet during international events, as well as offer a more seamless candidate experience for any international candidates who check in during a U.S.-based event.

  • When creating an event, recruiters can choose from any international time zone.
  • International candidates who RSVP to an event, or create a profile after an event, will not be asked about U.S. Work Authorization when creating a guest profile to ensure a smooth candidate experience.

Other updates include:

  • Recruiters can highlight open roles related to a given event so candidates matched to the event can see them within RippleMatch. This will help candidates who are RSVPing via the For You Page (FYP).
  • Recruiters can assign the ‘reply-to’ email address of automated reminder emails. Attendance rates are significantly higher when the sender of automated reminder emails is a recruiter. This will allow candidates and recruiters to connect faster and in a more meaningful and personalized way.
  • Events are automatically added to calendars of Gmail users after RSVPing for an event. This will help to increase the attendance and the event staying top-of-mind for candidates.
Customer Testimonial

“RippleMatch Events has been a huge help for both our on-campus and our virtual strategy, but let me tell you, it keeps getting better and better! It feels like each time I log in there is an exciting update that makes our events run even smoother. The check-in process and mobile optimizations have been a game-changer! As we host a variety of events, I love knowing that the candidate experience with RippleMatch will be extremely positive!” – Jessie Cline | Talent Acquisition Specialist | UKG

See here to learn more about Events, or contact your customer success manager to discuss how you can better utilize this product.


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