How You Can Make the Most Out of Your Pipeline in the Mass-Apply Era

How You Can Make the Most Out of Your Pipeline in the Mass-Apply Era

We’ve got the solution to the perennial problem of high applicant volume.  

Campus recruiting is tough, and this fall will be more challenging than ever. Campus teams have big goals this year, with critical hiring and diversity targets, intense time-pressure, and serious competition for the best candidates. But those big goals aren’t coming with big budgets. In fact, teams today are growing leaner, making it essential to maximize every dollar spent and every hour of a team member’s time.

But while campus teams work hard to build their brands and get qualified applicants for their roles, low bandwidth and high volumes of unqualified applicants make it extremely hard to get the most out of their efforts. Gen Z candidates, facing an uncertain economy, expect to submit 100+ applications each to fewer available positions, over-burdening already lean campus teams. In fact, nearly one-third of candidates expect to submit more than 200+ applications, according to a recent RippleMatch survey. 

But there’s a better way to hit your targets, reduce costs, and future-proof your team and brand. RippleMatch changes the game by supercharging your campus team. RippleMatch automates applicant review to save you time and allow you to make the most of your pipeline, and automates sourcing to effortlessly build your brand and find the top, diverse talent you really need. Plus, RippleMatch also provides you with advanced analytics so you can view the composition of your entire pipeline — and understand which of your strategies are really helping you hit your goals.

Below we’ll walk you through the three main issues plaguing talent teams this season — and how a recruiting software like RippleMatch can help you craft standout candidate experiences that win over great internship and entry-level job seekers.

1. Unmanageable Applicant Volume

Recruiters have always struggled with applicant review, but the recruitment landscape has escalated this perennial problem.

Candidates today are losing confidence in their ability to land a good job, and as a result are taking a spray-and-pray approach to their search, submitting hundreds of applications each. At the same time, economic uncertainty has led some industries to slow hiring and operate with lean campus teams, meaning those applications will be sent to a smaller number of positions with less manpower to review them. Without the ability to provide candidates with a tight feedback loop, employers risk a negative association with their brand and losing candidates to their competitors. In fact, through a recent survey we discovered that candidates today start to lose interest in an opportunity within two weeks of submitting their application. 

RippleMatch Sort brings all of your candidates to one place, gives priority to the best-fit applicants, flags unqualified candidates, and arms you with powerful tools for filtering, advancing, and rejecting candidates. In other words, we’ll slash your applicant review time by 70%, which means you’ll spend less time reviewing resumes and more time building relationships with top candidates and keeping them engaged.

2. Underutilized Talent Pipelines

Don’t let great talent slip through the cracks because your hiring process isn’t optimized for great candidate experiences.

Most recruitment teams today aren’t making the most of the talent in their pipelines — and are continuing to lose great candidates to their competitors. That’s because they don’t have the systems in place to identify top talent and provide them with a great candidate experience as they enter into their hiring funnel. They are not able to respond to candidates swiftly, tarnishing their employer brands, and are watching formally interested candidates get scooped up by other brands before they can intervene.

RippleMatch scores every candidate based on their fit for your positions, provides rich, scannable profiles, and gives you powerful filters that are optimized for campus hiring. This not only saves you time in reviewing resumes, but it also helps you make sure to never miss a top candidate again. Plus, getting back to top candidates faster also increases your win rates. We can help you provide a magical candidate experience by engaging candidates when your role is still top of mind — within days of their first application.

Maximizing your pipeline improves your efficiency, and can result in a 1-5 day applicant response timedown from an industry average of 17 days. This allows your team to craft a candidate experience that stands out from the crowd. Plus, you can protect your brand by getting back to every candidate — which our research shows is a top indicator of a good candidate experience.

3. Unpredictable ROI

If you don’t have insight into which of your strategies for attracting Gen Z are working, it’ll be very difficult to know where you can improve your recruitment and hiring processes.

Campus teams work hard to hit their goals. But it’s hard to know which of their tactics are really working. Most leaders don’t have full visibility into their talent funnel, where hires are really coming from, and how they are tracking to their hiring and diversity goals.

RippleMatch provides you with rich data on your entire top-of-funnel that is optimized for early career hiring. This lets you understand who is applying to your roles and where they are coming from. RippleMatch also lets you know the ROI of all your hiring channels: events, conferences, job boards, sourcing channels, and more. With RippleMatch you can understand which of your channels are converting to hires and helping you meet your goals — and which are not.

Managing high applicant volume is getting increasingly harder for talent teams. That’s why identifying tools for sorting your best-fit candidates is critical this recruiting season for protecting your employer brand and securing top talent. Partnering with RippleMatch allows employers to optimize their hiring processes, craft standout candidate experiences, and unlock insights into their early career strategies. Learn more about how you can supercharge your campus team this fall and beyond, and stay ahead of your competition here


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