The Top Industries and Companies Where Gen Z Wants To Work, According To All The Reports and Studies

These are the careers and companies most popular with Generation Z.

There are countless studies and reports on what Generation Z wants out of a careerprofessional development opportunities, great company culture, and corporate social responsibility initiatives, to name a few. But which companies – and industries – does Generation Z want to work for the most? We rounded up to the top surveys, studies, and reports that claim to uncover which industries and companies may see an influx of Gen Z employees in the coming years. Be sure to bookmark this link as we’ll continuously update as more studies and reports are published.

The key themes at a glance: Which companies and industries do Gen Z candidates want to work with?

–Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple consistently rank among the top companies Gen Z aspires to work for

–Several studies show Gen Z is highly interested in technical careers

–While tech is popular among Gen Z, this generation is also interested in industries like healthcare and hospitality

Key Studies On Gen Z Career Interests

Glassdoor – The Next Generation of Talent: Where Gen Z Wants to Work

Synopsis: Glassdoor analyzed its millions of data points on job listings, postings, and reviews to find out how Gen Z is looking for jobs, including which jobs and companies are the most popular. According to their data, ‘Software Engineer’ is the most in-demand job among Gen Z, garnering 19% of all applications from Gen Z candidates. As for the most popular companies? IBM, Microsoft, and Google take the top three spots.

Indeed – Gen Z Jobs: What Jobs Are Winning the Interest of the Next Generation to Enter The Workforce?

Synopsis: Indeed analyzed how often Gen Z clicks on certain full-time job postings compared to all other job seekers and discovered a strong interest in technical roles. The top three jobs listed are iOS developer, computer vision engineer, and machine learning engineer. However, the top 15 list included some more traditional roles as well, like beauty consultant, daycare assistant, and bookseller.

Comparably – Where Older Millennials, Younger Millennials, and Gen Z Want to Work

Synopsis: Comparably surveyed more than 23,000 individuals between the ages of 18-35 about their “dream tech employers” and found that there’s not much variance between the age groups. Millennials and Gen Z ranked Google, Amazon and Microsoft in their top 3, and all include companies such as Facebook, Uber, and Apple in their top 10. The only difference between Millennials and Gen Z was the presence of Snap Inc. on Gen Z’s list – unsurprising given Snapchat’s popularity with Gen Z.

Dell – The Gen Z Effect

Synopsis: Dell surveyed 12,000 Gen Z’ers across the globe about their relationship to technology and its implications on the workforce. 80% of Gen Z respondents aspire to work with cutting-edge technology and 91% said technology would influence job choice among similar employment offers.

The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) – 2018 Career Interest Survey

Synopsis: The NSHSS surveyed over 14,000 high school students about their career interests, including their dream employers. The survey asked students to choose 3 companies as their dream employers and compiled the findings into a list of the top employers. Google, Amazon, and Apple still cracked the top 10, but this list of “dream employers” also included healthcare aspirations. St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital took the No. 1 spot, and Healthcare Service Corp., and Mayo Clinic both made it into the top 20. See the full list here.

American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation (AHLEF) – Study: Over Half of Gen Z Wants to Work in The Hospitality Industry

Synopsis: A survey commissioned by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation found that half of their Gen Z respondents “indicated interest in a career in the hotel industry.” It’s important to consider that the survey was commissioned by the AHLEF – rather than a neutral third-party – but the results indicate that not all members of Gen Z are set on a career in tech.

Vault – The Most Prestigious Internships According to Gen Z

Synopsis: Vault asked thousands of current and former interns which companies offered the most prestigious internships. Tech companies continue to dominate with Gen Z – Google grabbed the top spot followed by Apple and Microsoft.

Want a cheat sheet to Generation Z? Download our infographic on “5 Fast Facts Every Employer Should Know About Generation Z” here, or download our report, “What Generation Z Wants at Work” here.


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