25 Virtual Recruitment Event Ideas

Spice up your events calendar with these 25 ideas.

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Virtual recruitment events are here to stay, even once in-person networking events start filling up our calendars once again. Although in-person events have many benefits, virtual recruitment events give you the opportunity to broaden and diversify your talent pipeline, allowing you to reach candidates anywhere. As virtual events become standard, it will be increasingly important to make sure your events engage students and stand out from others.

How to Host Stand-Out Virtual Recruitment Events

To ensure your virtual events stand out from the rest, make sure to follow these four best practices:


Identify your ideal outcomes before planning your event and tailor your strategies toward your end goal. Virtual events can take many forms, which can be both an opportunity and a challenge. Approach your virtual events intentionally and plan for your ideal outcome. 


Tailor your content and programming to the priorities of the students you’re trying to reach. With your ideal outcome in mind, you can identify the right formats, topics, and speakers for your events.


Choose your channels wisely to connect with the right students. The marketing channels you utilize will likely vary by event and who you’re trying to reach. 

Closing the Loop

Provide students with an action item following every event. In a RippleMatch survey, 74% of students said the top reason they attend events is to increase their chances of landing an interview. Provide attendees with an action, like an invitation to apply to your internship program, after the event, and continue to stay in touch through regular newsletters or future event invitations.

Ideas for Virtual Recruitment Events

When choosing your slate of events each hiring season, consider your employer brand, what students value in events, and how you will turn attendees into candidates. With that in mind, here are 25 ideas for virtual events you can adapt to your recruitment goals and schedule for the upcoming hiring season. 

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Employer-led Career Expos

Skipping virtual career fairs in favor of your own event? If you hire a high volume of entry-level employees, plan a virtual career expo that takes place over the course of 1-2 days. Market to students nationally or regionally to drive attendance, and sort attendees into info sessions and breakout groups based on their interests.

Opportunities at [company]: Career Paths for Every Major

• Opening overview of company, mission & values

• Breakout info sessions for different academic backgrounds and career interests

• 1-2 additional sessions students can choose from to learn more about topics like professional development opportunities, company culture, employee resource groups, D&I initiatives, and social impact initiatives

Launch your tech career: Career Paths at [company]

• Opening overview of company, mission & values, size and breadth of technical opportunities

• Breakout info sessions with different technical teams within the organization

•1-2 additional sessions for students to learn about tech stack, developer culture, D&I initiatives, and social impact initiatives

Professional Development Events

These ideas are great for interactive small groups, one-on-one sessions, or prepared webinars.

Landing Your First Internship: Practical Tips for Standing Out

How to Assess a Job Offer

How to Ace a Virtual Technical Interview

Tips for Interviewing for a Job in [Industry]

How for to Land a Role with [well-known company]

Unexpected Skills You need for a [role type] Job and How to Hone Them

Educational Events – Industry/Job Type  

Tap current employees to give presentations or team up with others professionals in the industry to help students learn about opportunities.

[Cybersecurity, Insurance, Logistics, SaaS, Pharma]: Opportunities for [Liberal Arts, STEM, Business] Majors in this Fast-Growing Industry

What is [role type]? The Exciting Role You Didn’t Know You Were Qualified For

What is [Industry]? The [Stable/Exciting/Long-Standing] Industry You Didn’t Know Existed

What These Recent Grads Learned By Starting Their Career in [industry]

Making an Impact: How [industry] is contributing to [a more sustainable future/better outcomes in education/equal access to internet/accessible healthcare]

Info Sessions

Make your info sessions concise, informative, and interactive. Provide information students can’t easily find online.

Info Session: What It’s Like to Start Your Career at [Company]

How [Company] Became a Leader in the [Industry]

Info Session: How New Grads Progress in their Careers at [Company]

Info Session: 5 Things To Know Before Interviewing with [Company]

Making an Impact: How [Company]’s [Product/Technology/Service] is Building a Better Future

Info Session: Opportunities for [Academic Major] at [Company Name]

Hackathons and Innovation Challenges

Let students show off their competitive side and make career connections in the process. Pick a prize and bring these bright students into your talent pipeline.

Industry-Focused Hackathon or Innovation Challenge

• Select a problem in the larger industry and have students propose a creative solution. 

Company-Focused Hackathon or Innovation Challenge

• Help students get familiar with your tech stack or processes with a focused company-related prompt. 

Social Impact-Focused Hackathon or Innovation Challenge

• Challenge students to use technology or innovation processes to tackle a current social issue. This can easily tie-in to your industry or company as well.  

Diversity-Focused Panels or Presentations

Leverage your ERGs, company leaders, and current employees to discuss representation and inclusion with student job seekers. 

What Inclusion Feels Like: Recent Grads on How [Company] Fosters a Sense of Community 

Decoding D&I: The Top Signs a Company is Truly Committed to Diversity & Inclusion

[Identity] in [Industry]: 3 Professionals Discuss Their Careers in [Industry] 

• Ex: Women in Tech: 3 Professionals Discuss Launching Their Careers in a Male-Dominated Industry 

Whichever events you choose to host or participate in this upcoming recruitment season, be sure to market your events thoughtfully and tailor your events around what students value.


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