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Hire next gen talent more effectively than ever - with less budget and effort.

The most comprehensive university recruiting platform

One Platform. Everything your early career team needs.

Consolidate tools and reduce spend. Leave behind pricy job boards and modernize your recruitment stack with automation and centralization. Increase the ROI of your recruitment platform by 50%.

Less reviewing resumes, more building relationships.

No more mass email blasts to unresponsive candidates. No more endless resume review. Automate the most time-consuming parts of your team’s day-to-day so they can focus on the human aspects of recruiting. Experience 70% time saved on applicant review & sourcing.

The best way to hire diverse early career talent.

Increase representation in your pipeline by automatically sourcing from the most diverse and engaged early talent network. 96% of our candidates self-report their EEO data, helping us deliver 90% more pipeline diversity compared to manual sourcing platforms and job boards.

RippleMatch Platform

Fully Automated Sourcing

RippleMatch is the only early career recruiting platform that automatically delivers qualified and interested applicants, eliminating manual messaging. Let RippleMatch bring you engaged, diverse candidates who fit your criteria — zero effort required.

Automated Resume Review

Save time on applicant review and never miss a great candidate again by automatically identifying the top fits from your entire funnel. Win the best talent by getting top applicants into your interview process within days of application — not weeks.


Know the composition of your entire pipeline, and understand which of your strategies — from Events & conferences to job boards and sourcing platforms — are really helping you hit your hiring and diversity goals.

RippleMatch Engagement Suite

Centralized Event Management

Make the most of your Events with our all-in-one tool for virtual and in-person events. Easily host and manage in-person and virtual events, nurture and engage your RSVPs, automatically promote your events to qualified candidates in our network, and convert attendees to hires.

Interview Scheduler

Our effortless scheduling platform eliminates back-and-forth, syncs with your calendar, and makes interview coordination easier than ever. Schedule with confidence for every scenario, from virtual phone screens to on-site interview panels.

Build Future Pipeline

Never start a season at zero. Centralize your candidate data, automate pipeline sorting, and turn prospects into hires with the right message at the right time.


Seamlessly integrate with your current tech stack

Transfer information from RippleMatch to most major applicant tracking systems. Maintaining a single source of truth for candidate data and reporting purposes.






Automatically build a pipeline of qualified applicants from the most diverse and engaged early talent network.



HBCUs and HSIs


Underrepresented Candidates


Join the leading early career recruiting teams who have made the switch to a more effective way to hire

Cindy Loggins
Global Head of University Recruiting & Programs @ eBay
“Centralizing everything on RippleMatch reduced our overall applicant review time by 70%.”
Ebonee Bradley
University Recruiter @ Quantcast
“With one click of a button, I can get tones of great candidates from underrepresented groups.”
Realé Snorton
Recruitment Manager @ Venture for America
“RippleMatch allowed us to bring in the most diverse fellowship class we have ever had.”
Brendan Hack
Global Campus Recruitment Manager @ AlterDomus
“With RippleMatch we move on candidates 40% faster. You can’t beat that in this market right now.”
Katelyn Peker
Director, Global Early Talent and Diversity Recruiting @ MongoDB
“Having the right technology to scale your team’s efforts is key. We chose to partner with RippleMatch because the platform allows us to  easily source qualified talent, elevate our events strategy, and streamline our applicant review.”

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