18 Companies That Pay for Continued Education

Through tuition assistance, reimbursement, or other financial programs, these companies will help you go back to school.

While many companies have taken note that candidates today value perks like hybrid work opportunities, continued education is an often overlooked benefit. In fact, studies have found that only 29% of employees are “very satisfied” with their current employer’s career advancement opportunities, and 1 in 3 say that their company’s training opportunities are out of date. However, not only does education allow employees to invest in their career trajectory, but it also enables them to be stronger contributors to their teams. 

Below we’ve highlighted industry leaders that are offering outstanding career advancement opportunities for employees.


If a career in healthcare is in your future, Anthem is a great place to look. Anthem offers up to $5,000 annually for employee continuing education, and savvy employees are also eligible for additional money from the company for completing certifications related to their work. Not quite sold? There’s plenty of complementary education on the job too, like workshops and online classes, to help you continue your growth at no cost.


What would you learn with an extra $5,000? Baxter employees might know. Through its Educational Assistance Program, Baxter employees can receive up to $5,250 annually for undergraduate coursework and can also apply for assistance for graduate studies. Like Smucker’s, they also offer scholarships for employees’ children to get pursue their education as well.


BP doesn’t skimp when it comes to helping employees financially with their education. Through its Education Assistance Program, any BP worker can have up to 90% of their education costs reimbursed upon approval by the company. Additionally, employees can have the financial cost of tests and certifications like the CLEP covered upon passing the examinations.


Bohler understands the significant financial investment that employees must make to advance in their careers through education. That’s why they offer a generous tuition reimbursement program to ensure that employees can afford to pursue educational opportunities. Bohler employees can receive tuition reimbursement as long as their degree is related to their job function. Because Bohler offers flexible work options, employees are given the flexibility to pursue educational programs while still maintaining their work responsibilities. 

City Year

It’s no surprise that City Year employees — who spend one year supporting students in the classroom — have ample opportunities for continued education for themselves. After completing a year of service, City Year alumni are eligible for the Segal Education Award, which they can use toward pursuing further education, (or to pay off existing student loans.) Plus, more than 100 colleges and universities across the country augment the award in some way, including matching the award amount. City Year has more than 115 college and university partnerships that provide $3 million each year in scholarships to City Year alumni, which can be used toward a variety of programs, from those in education or public policy, to programs focused on business or social work. 

Credit Karma

Credit Karma offers numerous educational and professional benefits that their nearly two thousand employees can utilize. In addition to having access to “Credit Karma University,” which includes on-site courses, training, mentorship programs, and ‘lunch and learn’ events, each Credit Karma employee receives a personal development stipend. This empowers Credit Karma employees to advance skills that are important to their specific job function and larger career goals. 


Yes, you can work for the happiest place on Earth and not stress about paying for college. Through Disney Aspire, tens of thousands of Disney employees are eligible for free college at multiple partner universities, as well as individual coaching for employees throughout the application process until graduation day. Disney Aspire even includes masters programs, and doesn’t require employees to stick around at the company after receiving their degrees. 


Gartner knows that investing in its employees’ growth potential is crucial, which is why the company provides a variety of professional development opportunities, training programs, and e-learning resources for its workers. Gartner wants to ensure that employees not only grow their resumes, but also foster various professional skills that will set them up for future success.

Home Depot

Home Depot helps employees at all levels continue their education. The company’s tuition reimbursement program applies to a wide range of programs from associate’s to doctorals and even technical degrees, offering employees anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 annually to help cover education costs. Home Depot also partners with universities across the country for discounted education for its employees, lowering the overall cost of obtaining a degree significantly.


Through JetBlue Scholars, the airline’s employees have a chance to receive full or partial coverage of tuition after two years of service to the company. Through JetBlue’s program, employees have earned 506 degrees and counting. But this benefit isn’t just good for employees—it’s good business. According to their website, 96% of Scholars participants say they feel more connected to the company and 85% feel more engaged in their job.

Kaufman Hall

Consulting and strategic planning company Kaufman Hall team believes that employees flourish when they can “feed their curiosity.” That’s why the company offers internal and external educational opportunities for all its team members, in addition to a wide range of training courses. The company also offers mentorship opportunities to interested employees to promote networking and inspire them to pursue leadership roles.  


McMaster-Carr values curiosity and supports life-long learning through career development and tuition coverage. The company is committed to supporting the full cost of education programs because they encourage curiosity and promote an environment for great work. They empower people to broaden their skillsets and collaborate using varied perspectives. McMaster-Carr covers 100% of tuition, fees and books without annual limits. People who have taken advantage of the tuition benefit agree that McMaster-Carr has a deep investment in their professional and educational growth.

People choose to use this benefit to gain new skills for their current role. Some employees spend time after work hours receiving certificates in data analytics, Python, or UX/UI design. Others participate in part-time Master’s programs in Data Science, Mathematics, or Business. Employees attend a number of schools including Northwestern University, University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, Emory University, and more. People also use the benefit to explore interests outside of their day to day work. Employees receive degrees ranging from Public Policy to Biology. Others are working towards their level 1 sommelier designations or participate in visual studies courses at the Art Institute of Chicago. Regardless of the educational pursuit, curious minds are supported at McMaster-Carr and thrive in a culture of continual learning and development.


Career development is a top priority for Polaris, and their commitment to employee education is quite impressive. They offer a variety of employee benefits, including an educational reimbursement program and a scholarship program. In 2022, they provided over $545,000 in employee tuition reimbursement to help employees achieve their personal and professional goals.   Learn more about Polaris here.

Public Consulting Group (PCG)

Employees at PCG have exciting opportunities to better themselves as workers and grow professionally. In addition to having access to “PCG University,” which offers video, online, and on-site courses to help employees hone their skills in general administration, supervisory roles, and as consultants, PCG employees can also earn an advanced degree through the company’s partnership with Clark University. The MBA program allows employees to learn about topics relevant to the consulting industry — with courses on e-commerce, government, and health care — on a part-time basis. PCG knows that continued education is an additional responsibility, so they strive to provide a flexible MBA program that students can balance with their work and personal lives. 


Smucker’s employees get education help in two critical ways. First, one of their financial well-being benefits offers up tuition reimbursement for graduate degrees or continued education courses upon approval by the company. But perhaps the larger benefit available further down the line: Smucker’s has a scholarship program for employees’ kids, potentially saving you thousands of dollars on your child’s education cost after already saving on your own.


Starbucks is perhaps the most famous large company offering tuition assistance, and one of the most open with who qualifies for the benefit. Through their Starbucks College Achievement Plan, any qualifying full- or part-time employees can have their Bachelor’s degree covered entirely at Arizona State University, and military members or veterans can extend the same benefit to one family member of their choice. 


Tripadvisor is committed to helping its employees grow while at the company, so they invest heavily in educational resources for their team. Internally, employees have access to learning and development resources including training programs, e-learning courses, and support from the company’s Learning and Development team. Beyond that, Tripadvisor offers employees up to $5,000 a year for approved degree programs.  

Zebra Technologies

Zebra employees can afford to further their education through Zebra’s generous tuition reimbursement program. The company encourages continued education so that employees can both flourish in their current roles and prepare for future opportunities. In addition to tuition reimbursement, employees that want to further their careers at Zebra can utilize Zebra’s Education Network (ZEN), which includes free career advancement articles, books, and courses.

Continuing your education beyond undergrad can sometimes seem totally out of reach, and no one wants to take on additional student loan debt. But by taking advantage of programs like these, and taking continued education at a slow pace, it’s possible to earn an advanced degree without breaking the bank. As you evaluate a company’s benefits and perks, it’s worthwhile taking a look at what they offer in terms of professional development opportunities, such as tuition reimbursement. This list should serve as a great starting point for finding companies that want to invest in you. 


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