Tips From A DEI Leader: Four Ways To Acknowledge Native American Heritage Month in the Workplace

Here are four meaningful ways to honor Native American Heritage Month in your workplace.

November marks the beginning of Native American Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the rich cultural diversity, traditions, and contributions of Native Americans and Indigenous peoples. In the workplace, recognizing this important month not only promotes diversity and inclusion but also fosters a more respectful and harmonious work environment. As the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) leader at RippleMatch, my mission is to foster a workplace culture that celebrates diversity, creating an inclusive environment where all employees can thrive. Here are four meaningful ways to honor Native American Heritage Month in your workplace.

Here are Four Ways I Help My Organization Celebrate Native American Heritage Month in the Workplace 

Host a Book Club that Centers Around Native American Authors and Bookstores

Hosting a book club that highlights Native American culture and history allows employees to engage in discussions on the Native American experience, give visibility to Native American employees and can be a lot of fun as well. At RippleMatch our DEI book club centered around choosing a Native American author and then suggesting to purchase the book from a Native American owned bookstore. is an amazing resource for all DEI related book clubs and bookstores around the country. By promoting a Native American owned bookstore, we are also able to support both a small business and Native American business in addition. 

Give a Land Acknowledgement

Giving a Land Acknowledgement in the workplace is a simple and effective way to show your recognition of Native Americans and Indigenous peoples. Do you know what Indigenous lands you’re living and working on? There are a handful of online maps that will help you do just that. Simply type in your address and discover which Indigenous people lived and took care of this land before us. When it comes to the workplace, you can acknowledge the land you’re on in several ways. Giving thanks and acknowledging the tribe of the land that you are on at the start of a work related event or meeting has become an increasingly important way folks are giving recognition to Native and Indigenous peoples. Also consider tagging your social media posts with Native land locations.


Donate to a Native American Organization

Additionally, another powerful way to honor Native American Heritage Month in the workplace is by making a charitable donation to a Native American organization. By supporting these organizations, you contribute to the betterment of Native American communities, helping to address social, economic, and health disparities that persist. Consider identifying a reputable Native American nonprofit, such as the Native American Rights Fund (NARF) or the American Indian College Fund, and encourage your colleagues to join in making contributions. This act of giving not only demonstrates your commitment to DEI but also helps create positive change in Native American communities. It’s a tangible way to show respect, solidarity, and support for the cultural heritage and future of Indigenous peoples.


Consider Hosting a Cultural Event like a Virtual Potluck or Indigenous Art Tour

Hosting an event  like a virtual potluck or art tour is a fun and engaging way to honor Indigenous contributions to culture. At RippleMatch we have partnered with DEI centered Virtual events companies such as Confetti that host an array of DEI events such a Indigenous Art Tours as well as cooking classes that center around Indigenous cuisine.


Recognizing Native American Heritage Month in the workplace is not only an opportunity to celebrate diversity but also a means to foster a more inclusive and understanding environment. By promoting education and awareness, giving land acknowledgements, showcasing art and culture, and engaging employees in meaningful activities, you can pay homage to the vibrant and diverse heritage of Native Americans. Remember, this recognition should extend beyond November, as a commitment to diversity and inclusion is a year-round endeavor. Start by acknowledging and celebrating Native American Heritage Month and continue to embrace the values of respect and cultural appreciation in your workplace.


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