40 Companies That Empower Women in the Workforce

Check out the organizations making the workplace more inclusive.

While it’s promising that more women are entering the workforce, they are still facing challenges that keep them from climbing the ranks within their organizations — such as policies and benefits that don’t support working parents or a lack of professional development opportunities that address the needs of female employees. But there are companies that have been taking note of the unique challenges women face in the workforce, and are out there making their organizations a better environment for women to thrive in. And we at RippleMatch collected a list of 40 of them.

From setting ambitious goals to hire and promote more women, to creating women-focused Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and sponsoring networking opportunities for their female employees, these companies are committed to the advancement of women in the workplace.


Adobe, a creative software company, has taken numerous steps to support the women within its walls — such as expanding its scope of benefits in 2020 to include childcare and expenses related to homeschooling and entertaining children, like art supplies. Plus, the company offers female employees a chance to join the Women at Adobe Employee Network, which offers networking opportunities for women across the globe, career development programs for female employees, and mentoring opportunities. Through its Women’s Executive Shadow Program (WESP), Adobe also encourages female company leaders to connect with employees to share their career stories. Find open roles here.


Ansys is a computer software company that is focused on improving diversity among its employees. The company has several ERGs to join, including Women in Technology, and is committed to bridging the gender gap in tech by supporting growth and development opportunities for women across the globe with mentorships, learning events, and by taking an “active role to ensure opportunities exist for women at all stages in their careers at Ansys.” The company also partners with female-focused groups such as Women Who Code and Black Girls Who Code. See job opportunities here.

Beam Suntory

Beam Suntory is a world leader in premium spirits, with a goal to have 50% of its leadership roles filed by women by 2030. To support its female employees, the company offers a minimum of 26 weeks of paid parental leave and flexible working policies with working mothers in mind. Beam Suntory President and CEO Albert Baladi said that Beam Suntory’s “efforts to promote diversity and inclusion are central to our company and doing business the right way. We must look and act more like our consumers, derive strength from diversity, and enrich our workplace through inclusion.” Learn how you can join the team here.


Unsurprisingly, a woman-founded company whose mission states, “We promote accountability, equality, and kindness in an effort to end misogyny and re-write archaic gender roles,” takes women’s leadership and growth seriously. At Bumble, employees have sit downs to discuss their career trajectories every few months and are encouraged to work flexible schedules that meet their needs. This is especially important for working mothers, who can earn more and stay on their career tracks when given flexibility in the workplace. Other perks include regular training and development opportunities and a monthly wellness stipend so you stay your best self. See open roles here.


Computer software company Cadence was listed as one of Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” in 2021, and promotes a culture that “fosters inclusions and embraces diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ideas to help us solve technology’s toughest challenges.” Its female-focused ERG, dubbed Women@Cadence, hosts development and networking opportunities for female employees throughout the year, as well as partners with industry-leading organizations to help empower women across the globe. Those groups include the Anita-Borg Institute, Girls Who Code, IEEE Women in Engineering, and Watermark. Find job opportunities here.


Capco is a global technology company that recognizes that diversity is an asset in business. Capco created Gender Equality Networks within the company to support female employees through professional development programming, such as networking opportunities, and through its Affinity Groups the company pairs women with mentors. Capco also provides opportunities for women to give back to the community, and partners with many organizations aimed at supporting women such as Dress for Success, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and Women in Need. Learn how you can join the company.

Citizens Financial Group, Inc. 

Citizens Financial Group, Inc., is one of the oldest and largest financial services firms in the United States and recognizes the needs of working mothers in the workforce. One way the company shows its commitment to female employees is by partnering with the Financial Women’s Associations’ Back2Business program, which aims to help professionals ease back into work after a prolonged break, such as for providing childcare. Plus, females at the company can receive support and join a community of like-minded individuals through Citizens’ business resource group for women, Citizens WIN. Find open roles here.

Cox Automotive Inc.

Cox Automotive Inc. is an automotive company that recognizes and celebrates its female employees. The company created an award in memory of its former owner, the Barbara Cox Woman of the Year, which is given to a woman within the company who shows signs of being an outstanding leader and “who advances the industry and gives back to the community.” In addition, Cox Automotive has a task force called, “Actions Speak,” which aims to make its workforce a more diverse and inclusive place. The company also partners with groups that support women and underrepresented groups, such as Catalyst. Learn more about open positions here.

Dana Incorporated

Dana Incorporated is an automotive company that works in manufacturing, tech, engineering, sales, and more. The company’s vision is to create a diverse and worldly organization, attracting and fostering people whose perspectives are heard and valued. The company’s ERG for female employees, dubbed the Dana Women’s Network (DAWN), provides professional and networking opportunities for women. The company says that, “By embracing inclusion and diversity, we create an environment that inspires the best from everyone and maximizes the value of our most important asset – Dana people.” View open roles here.


Dexcom is a leader in transforming diabetes care and management. Dexcom recognizes it has a diverse patient family, and its company should reflect that. The company offers a no-cost Employee Assistance Program that provides childcare options, as well as a paid family leave program that allows employees to take time off to care for a family member, newborn, or newly placed child. Dexcom also offers multiple ERGs for female employees to join, such as SAIL (Share-Access-Influence-Lead) and NEWMIES (New and Expecting Mothers). Find open roles here.


Popular communication platform, Discord, values a workplace that’s “as diverse as our product.” Discord offers a variety of ERGs for employees to join while the company works to foster “belonging from the inside out.” The company writes that it aims to build “belonging for everyone through our internal initiatives and programs,” which include unconscious bias training, inclusive hiring practices, diversity sourcing strategies, and partnerships with high-impact organizations focused on gender and race equality. Find jobs at Discord here.


Known as the leader in managing electronic agreements, DocuSign is also renowned for their commitment to empowering women in the workplace. DocuSign has three robust ERGs dedicated to their female employees, including DocuSign Women, the first ERG established at the organization. The two other groups are Women In Product Development, which works to advance and advocate for women in technology, and Women In Solutions Excellence, which creates a forum for women and allies in the Solution Engineering organization to excel at DocuSign. These efforts to support and empower women helped DocuSign land on Glassdoor’s 2022 Employees’ Choice Awards top U.S. large companies list. See open roles here.


GlobalFoundries is one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, and believes that “building a culture of inclusion drives better business outcomes.” The company’s largest ERG, GlobalWomen (GW), includes more than 1,500 female employees across the globe who are interested in networking and mentoring, executive and guest panel discussions, professional development opportunities, and attending external conference participation and STEM community education programs. GlobalFoundries also consistently hosts panels to support women inventors, and  offers up-to 20 weeks of paid maternity leave, globally. Find jobs here.

The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc.

Not only has The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc., placed on Forbes’ list of “Best Midsize Employers” consecutively since 2015, but it is also an award-winning company when it comes to its dedication to its female employees. Hanover Insurance, which currently consists of 59.1% female employees, has won various awards related to women, such as the Fairygodboss Best Company for Women (2020-present), and was named Women on Boards Winning Company. Among other efforts to support women, the company launched a Business Resource Group (BRG) for female employees, Women @ Hanover, whose goal is to “empower women to reach their fullest potential” both inside and outside of the company. See open positions here.


Hilton, which is consistently rated as a great place to work, takes diversity, inclusion, and growth seriously. On the global scale, Hilton created a massive Women@Hilton conference for team members from all over the world to network, take training, and get inspired, and the company’s “Hospitality for All” plan ensures employee development and happiness. Hilton women also have resource groups and executive networking events, as well as career coaching and flexible work schedules at all levels to ensure everyone has a clear path forward no matter their circumstances. See open opportunities here.


Kimberly-Clark is the parent company of brands such as Huggies, Kleenex, Andrex, Scott, Kotex, Poise, and Depend, and as a company led by women, “Kimberly-Clark overall has a demonstrated commitment to advancement of women in the workplace.” For five consecutive years, Kimberly-Clark has been named one of the “Top 75 Companies for Executive Women” for its policies such as flexible work schedules, remote work, job sharing, and voluntary reduced hours. The company also has a back-up care program for female employees who need childcare on demand when their arrangements fall through. See how you can join Kimberly-Clark here.


Langan, a company that provides a mix of engineering and environmental consulting services, prides itself on being a “diverse workforce with many different experiences and backgrounds.” The organization promotes this diversity through different ERGs, such as Parents@Langan and Women@Langan, the latter of which was recently highlighted by the Women Builders Council, a leading association representing women in construction. You can find more information about open roles here.


McMaster-Carr, the innovative industrial supplier revolutionizing customers’ buying experiences, is deeply committed to championing female talent within the industry. To foster gender diversity in the tech field, McMaster-Carr actively seeks candidates from non-computer science backgrounds, traditionally dominated by men, creating opportunities for women to thrive in tech roles. Once women become part of the McMaster-Carr community, the company spares no effort in ensuring their success through well-structured initiatives. A dedicated mentorship program pairs female employees with experienced women within the organization. McMaster-Carr fosters an inclusive workplace by offering several employee resource groups, such as “Women in Technology”, “Pride Alliance”, and “Women Who Operate Vehicles,” where women can connect and collaborate.

Emphasizing workplace equality, the company maintains a documented equal pay policy and boasts a diverse management team, ensuring decisions are made with the best interests of all employees in mind. To learn more about the inspiring initiatives at McMaster-Carr, delve into further details here.


Medidata, a healthcare and technology company, is helping to create a more inclusive workforce within its own walls and by partnering with organizations that support women. The company offers employees the chance to join six BRGs — two of which are female focused (Women of Color and Women in Technology). In addition, Medidata partners with groups that support women in its industry such as Black Girls Who Code and the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, as well as those that support women in other areas of life, such as Kicked It In Heels (for breast cancer awareness), and The Ali Forney Center (for LGBTQ homeless youth). Medidata also supports employees who wish to work remotely. Learn how you can join the team here.


Stock exchange company, NASDAQ, is hard at work aiming to promote diversity and inclusion within its workplace. The company, whose President and CEO is female (Adena Friedman), offers female employees the chance to join its ERG called WIN (Women in NASDAQ), which brings together over 900 global members to share ideas and build a community of women at the company. WIN also offers women various professional development opportunities. “Empowering women is foundational to creating more inclusive communities,” Friedman said. “We are proud to be the home of some many pioneering women, who are trailblazing the path for future generations.” Find open roles here.

National Grid

One of the world’s largest utilities focused on electricity and gas, National Grid is committed to investing in a diverse workforce. National Grid has taken steps to better accommodate female employees: they have allocated parking spaces for mothers to ensure they get parking if they arrive late due to school runs/outside-of-work duties, and they are championing the redesign of equipment worn in the field, much of which has been designed for the male body. National Grid’s leadership team also consists of 40% women. CEO John Pettigrew said in an interview, “We need to appeal to women … and welcome them into an industry that has not historically been that attractive to them.” See open roles here.


Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company, is working to bring more females into its company and support them as they grow their careers. Nestlé created a Gender Balance Acceleration Plan and is working to increase the number of women in its top 200 senior executive positions by 30% by the end of 2022. The company is also working to support working mothers, offering a minimum of 18 weeks of paid leave for primary caregivers, and four weeks for secondary caregivers. Additionally, Nestle will be rolling out a corporate mentoring program for employees to support their professional development, and 70% of the participants will be women. See how you can join the team here.


It is critical to automotive company, onsemi, to embrace and champion workforce diversity within its organization. The company offers a variety of ERGs, including “WE,” which focuses on empowering and supporting women in business. In 2021, onsemi was named on the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index and has ranked as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for six consecutive years. The company also partners with organizations that support women in its industry, such as IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE), the largest internal association dedicated to women in engineering and science. See open roles here.


Healthcare company, Organon, is driven to promote better advocacy for women’s healthcare —- and recognizes that its work to support women needs to start from within. Currently, its Board of Directors has more women than any S&P 500 healthcare company, and half of its executive leadership team consists of women. Organon wants to ensure that women and female-identifying employees are all represented, and does this through ERGs that create pathways for underrepresented employees. The company has also taken steps to directly support the well-being of its female employees, such as by shutting down operations on International Women’s Day (March 8), and encouraging its employees to use that time for self care. Find out how you can join Organon here.

Owens Corning

Owens Corning is a global building and construction materials leader committed to building a sustainable future through material innovation. Their three integrated businesses – Composites, Insulation, and Roofing – provide durable, sustainable, energy-efficient solutions that leverage their unique material science, manufacturing, and market knowledge to help their customers win and grow. Owens Corning is committed to helping diversify the workforce and support women within its organization. Employees at Owens Corning can join its active affinity group for women, the Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) & Women In Operation (WIO), a sub group to WIN, which provides additional support to women in their manufacturing plants across the United States. WIN is a group of highly engaged, empowered and compassionate group of people who are committed to attracting, retaining, and developing outstanding women through professional development, personal development, mentorship, and community involvement. For five (5) consecutive years, Owens Corning has been awarded the ‘Women’s Choice Award, which is determined by women selecting brands they recommend to family and friends. Learn more about Owens Corning here.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is working to increase the number of women in cybersecurity. As part of its Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) efforts, the company is consistently increasing the number of women employees – including within their executive team. Palo Alto Networks offers flexible schedules for remote work and emphasizes a culture focused on employee choice. The company also provides resources to support women and moms in the technology industry as a whole. An example is its blog, “Diversity Unscripted,” which features posts from female Palo Alto Networks employees about their experiences in a male-dominated industry. Palo Alto Networks also partners with many female-focused groups such as Women in Cybersecurity, Black Girls Code, and Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, among others. See open jobs here.


PEAK6 is on a mission to level the playing field for women in tech and trading. As a company that is led and run by a woman (Jenny Just), the investment firm has two internship programs reserved exclusively for women. During the Software Engineering Internship for Women, interns have the opportunity to work on innovative tools to support the company and present their accomplishments to senior leadership, and through the Trading Experience for Women, female interns will be introduced to the basics of trading and will be provided with skills they can leverage in any industry. In addition to holding spots for women in tech, PEAK6 also created a mentorship program, dubbed the Women in Tech Alliance (WITA), to help female employees grow in their tech roles through coaching and professional development. One WITA leader said, “We believe in creating opportunities to encourage women to enter tech and support women who are already contributing their talents in this sector.” See how you can join the team here.


Polaris, a global leader in off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, pontoons, and motorcycles, understands the importance of empowering women in the workforce — especially since this company always has its eye on the future and knows that innovation is fueled by a diversity of perspectives. Polaris’ focus on DE&I is evident in its  ‘R.I.D.E Together’ initiative that focuses on building a workplace environment centered around four key pillars: Respect, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity. Plus, in addition to creating an environment where all employees feel welcomed and respected, Polaris also believes in celebrating the role that women have played in advancing Polaris and the powersports industry, and has done so recently by highlighting their many accomplishments on its blog. Learn more about Polaris here.

Public Consulting Group

If you’re looking to join an organization that is committed to providing high-growth career opportunities for women, look no further than Public Consulting Group (PCG). PCG is a leading public sector management consulting and operations improvement firm that partners with health, education, and human services agencies to improve lives — and has been recognized as a great place for women to kickstart their careers. In fact, PCG was recently named one of ‘America’s Best Companies to Work For’ by Women’s Choice Award as one of the Best Companies for Women, which honors businesses that actively promote an equitable, fair, and diverse culture for women. Learn more about PCG and open opportunities here.

PURE Insurance

PURE Insurance has made strides in supporting women in the workforce both internally and externally. The insurance company created a Women’s Leadership Council in 2016 to “keep PURE extraordinary by building a powerful, passionate, network and support system to attract, retain and elevate talented women, while strengthening PURE’s culture of collaboration and community.” The council pairs female employees with mentors, and ensures they are highly-considered as candidates for open positions at PURE. PURE is also a corporate sponsor of the New York Women’s Foundation, which serves women living in poverty, hosts an annual backpack drive for women and their children living in shelters in the Bronx, and supports its staff’s involvement in SheEO, a national organization that supports female innovators. Find open roles here.


Popular forum website, Reddit, offers a comprehensive list of family planning and parental leave benefits to support female employees on their paths to becoming mothers. Included in these benefits are: $25,000 to support family planning efforts, personalized one-on-one support for all employees expecting to become parents, up to 26 weeks of paid leave for birthing parents, and flexible schedules for parents once they return to work. The company also offers employees up-skill professional development opportunities and wrote on LinkedIn that “everyone in the world should be able to find a home on our platform . . . we have to start by ensuring all of our employees can find a home here first.” See open roles here.

Republic Airways

Republic Airways, a regional airline working with American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines, is working to change the narrative of women in the aviation industry. “Historically it has been a male-dominated industry and we are trying to change that,” a Republic Airways rep said. “We want to bring everybody in because there is a place for everyone in aviation.” To do so, the company created a scholarship (the Opportunity Elevated Aviator Scholarship) that awards female pilots $5,000 to “continue flight training and help expand workforce diversity.” Republic Airways is also a proud supporter and partner with Women in Aviation International (WAI), a nonprofit dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of women in all aviation career fields and interests. See open roles here.

The Children’s Place

The largest children’s speciality apparel retailer in North America, The Children’s Place does not shy away from empowering its female employees. The company’s CEO is a woman (Jane T. Elfers), 87% of its associates are women, and more than half of its board members and senior leadership are women. In 2020, 87% of the company’s new hires were women, and 90% of promotions were given to women. The Children’s Place also partners with different organizations aimed at promoting gender equality such as BSR’s HERproject and Plan International. Learn about how you can join the team here.

The Hartford

Insurance company, The Hartford, places an emphasis on building a diverse workforce to nurture an inclusive culture within their company, citing it as both a necessity and a “moral imperative.” On working toward inclusivity, CEO Christopher J Swift said, “I remain equally and personally committed to working within the industry and other business leaders to advance change.” In 2021, The Hartford received the award for “Top Rated CEO: Gender Diversity” from Fairygodboss as well as the award for “2021 Best Company for Multicultural Women.” The company has a number of ERGs female employees can join, such as the Professional Women’s Network. Learn about open positions here.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific, a Life Sciences Organization, is dedicated to championing women in science and is working to create an inclusive environment for all of its employees. The goals of the company’s ERG for women (WERG) include ensuring that women are recruited, offered opportunities for professional development within the company, and promoted into higher roles globally. Additionally, the company used one issue of one of its magazine publications, “Life in the Lab,” to focus on the various and numerous contributions by women in science. In the issue, the company emphasized that “the importance of encouraging women to build their careers in STEM cannot be overstated.” Find open roles here.

US Foods

US Foods, a foodservice company that partners with more than 300,000 restaurants and foodservice operators, is working to promote the professional growth of women in the food industry. The company partners with and sponsors the Women’s Foodservice Forum, which hosts a program (Change Makers) that is helping to build a strong pipeline of women leaders with passions for career advancement. Plus, 51% of the company’s associates are female or people of color, and 32% of employees in director level roles or above female or people of color.    The company also has nine ERGs, including Women in Network (WIN) geared toward female employees. View open roles here.

Verisk Analytics

Leading data analytics provider, Verisk Analytics, celebrates female employees who are making history within the company. In a series of blog posts on its website, it highlights employees of all levels and shares their stories about their career growth. The also company built Employee Networks to help foster a sense of community within the company, such as the Verisk Parents Network and Verisk Women Network. “We believe that having varied perspectives helps generate innovative ideas to solve the complex problems of a changing—and increasingly diverse—world,” the company wrote on its Diversity and Inclusion strategy. Learn about job opportunities here.

Vista Outdoor

Vista Outdoor, the leading global designer, manufacturer, and marketer of outdoor recreation products, makes numerous efforts to support its female employees, from accepting the ElevateHER Challenge to reevaluate its female representation in leadership roles, to supporting its female employees’ participation in professional development programs. Among other partnerships, the company also kickstarted a program to support and empower female bikers, known as the Bell Joy Ride Program. In its Diversity & Inclusion report, Vista Outdoor proudly states that 26% of its employees are female, and that it offers a flexible parental leave policy to better support working parents. Learn about how you can join the company here.

The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company was recently lauded for its progress with women leaders within the company. In fact, as of 2021, all five Walt Disney World theme parks are led by  a diverse group of women who are “breaking barriers and encouraging so many women at Walt Disney World to follow their dreams.” The company also offers more than 90 BRGs, including those dedicated to women. Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Office Latondra Newton said, “At Disney, we amplify underrepresented voices and untold stories and champion a multitude of perspectives, recognizing that we are all greater than a single story and we all deserve to feel seen, heard, and understood.” Find open roles here.

WESCO International

FORTUNE 500 Company, WESCO International, is the leading provider of business-to-business distribution, logistic services, and supply chain solutions. In 2021, WESCO International was recognized by Forbes as “One of America’s Best Employers for Women,” as well as “One of the World’s Best Employers.” That same year, the company established four BRGs to support employees’ professional development, including the Women’s Impact Network (WIN). Chief Human Resources Officer Chris Wolf said the company “has recruited and hired women and minorities at an accelerated rate,” and that it’s “committed to building an inclusive culture where employees can thrive.” Explore open roles here.


It will take time for the narrative around women and the workforce to truly change, but these companies are helping move the needle by making a host of efforts to empower women as they enter and advance in the workforce. And they aren’t celebrating women for one day or month and calling it done. These companies have ingrained into their work culture that inclusivity in the workplace is crucial and should be reevaluated constantly to ensure women are treated fairly and are championed for their work alongside their male colleagues.

Whatever industry you hope to pursue your career in — even those that are typically male-dominated — this list should serve as a good start for seeking out those companies with standout programs, policies, and partnerships that empower women.


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