Students share how RippleMatch helped them get a job or internship

Internship & Entry-Level Job Candidates Share How RippleMatch Helped Them Land a Role

With RippleMatch you’ll 10X your chances of getting a first-round interview.

If you’re struggling to find a great internship or entry-level job today, you are not alone. In fact, we believe that the current job search process is broken, and applying to a bunch of opportunities and ‘getting ghosted’ shouldn’t be the norm. It’s therefore no surprise that in our latest survey of Gen Z internship and full-time job seekers, we found that candidates today are losing confidence in their job searches — and are applying to upwards of 50 opportunities before they hear back about one that fits both their skills and passions.

Students and new grads who use RippleMatch to find their next opportunity, however, receive a response from every application, and 10X their chances of landing that first-round interview. That’s because our software matches you with career opportunities that you’d be a great fit for already, and with companies ready to hire talent like yourself right now.  

No more ghosting: RippleMatch landed this student a competitive software engineering role

For example, Colin Cassell, a college senior at the Georgia Institute of Technology, told us that before turning to RippleMatch, he had applied to a slew of jobs in tech and was ghosted before he could ever even get the chance to complete a technical assessment to showcase his skillset. Just a few days after making a free profile on RippleMatch, however, Colin connected with recruiters right away, and began hearing back from employers who wanted to test his skills and see what he was capable of. Colin soon after received an offer for a full-time technical rotational program, which he’ll be starting in July 2023.


Finding the right fit: RippleMatch increases the chances of applications being seen

Unfortunately, Colin’s story is not unique. Several candidates today have told us they are struggling when it comes to their internship and job search, and that they aren’t hearing back after submitting their applications — even when they think they’d be a good fit. Two of those students include Zohneseh Fopenawoh, a sophomore at the University of Maryland – College Park and Alyssa Walter, a senior at University of Kentucky. Both Zohneseh and Alyssa told us that they applied to many open opportunities and have only found success using RippleMatch. Zohneseh landed a competitive internship via RippleMatch working in education during college while she works toward a degree in criminal justice, and Alyssa will be working in a non-technical rotational program that she learned about through RippleMatch after graduating with a degree in marketing this Spring. 


Matching skillsets and interests: RippleMatch helps students find jobs they love

Adding that personal touch back into the internship and job search is something candidates today told us sets us apart from job boards and other platforms. That’s all because we don’t just want to help you find opportunities — we want to match you with roles that fit both your skillset and your passions. When we surveyed RippleMatch users earlier this year, we found that one of the top challenges for job seekers today include finding a job/internship that’s right for their skillset and interests. Alyssa, for example, told us that one of her favorite parts about RippleMatch is that the opportunities we showed her on the platform truly aligned her educational background and her career aspirations.

Personalizing the job search: RippleMatch helped this student land a data analyst role

There are several other internship and job seekers that share Alyssa’s experience with RippleMatch — such as Aarini Panzade, a sophomore at Purdue University studying computer and data science. After receiving tailored matches for internships, Aarini accepted a data engineering internship at a top employer for Summer 2023 that fits her skillset and career goals. In a similar vein, Siri Alla, a junior studying finance and marketing at the University of Georgia, also shared with us with that personal touch that RippleMatch brings to the internship and job search process — from connecting candidates with actual recruiters looking to hire to the continued support from the RippleMatch team — has transformed her career search.


What sets RippleMatch apart from the other ways that you might be looking for a job or internship this year or for when you graduate is that candidates on our platforms both get matched with opportunities that align with their skills, interests, and passions, AND they actually hear back about those roles. That’s because the employers that advertise opportunities on our platform are invested in internship and entry-level talent, and are looking to nurture the next generation of talent at their organizations. It only takes 5 minutes to create a profile and connect with the best employers in the world. Make a free profile to kickstart your search today.  


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